Why Government Jobs is Better than Private Sector Jobs?

Why Government Jobs is Better than Private Sector Jobs?

Have you ever heard from government employees that they are not comfortable in their jobs or complaining about their jobs like we always do? Nope, right? Yes because govt jobs are a dream job for us due to many reasons, here you will know why people love government jobs over private jobs.

 In India, the Government provides jobs in all sectors of each state. There are many people who start to prepare for exams from their early ages due to high competition for every position.  Every Parent in our country feels that their children should work in govt sector. But do you know why all are running for govt jobs? What are the reasons for which government jobs are highly attractive? So here is the answer:

Monthly Fixed Salary: Compare to private jobs, government jobs pay scale in much better and it does not have any deductions policies unlike private jobs. Employees of government get salary on time despite of any issues. In fact while budgeting government first grants funds for all Government jobs and then allocate funds for other public welfare schemes. In Contrast, When the private company does not do well and faces loss, it start cost-cutting i.e. fires employees to save money. Job Security is zero in private sector jobs.

Lifelong Pension: From Peon to Executive officers, the pension is for all government servants and that’s the biggest reason for people to join public service job.  There is no pension policies in private sectors, employees avail pension plans and retirement schemes by themselves according to their futures plans.

Less Workload: In Private sectors, there is lots of pressure and workload to employees and boss always threats them to fire from the organization. In government sector, there is perfect work life balance in terms of working days and working hours.  Employees of govt sector never feel exhausted because of these reasons.

All Holidays:  There are special holiday schemes for govt employees at the end of the year. Government gives special abroad travel package for employees after retirement. In private jobs, there is no such thing provided from company.

Government Quarters: government keeps special values for their employees by giving them quaters to live. Flats and houses are reserved by the government (Railways quarter, PWD Dept. quarters) for employees to live.

Medical Facility: Medical facilities and insurance are provided by the govt employees  for free. But is private jobs, employees does not have any policies from company, he pays medical treatment and insurance by himself. No life cover is provided and this is very careless approach by private companies.

Power: In govt job, employee is considered very powerful and respectful. If you are on position of IPS or IAS, the you become very popular and high status in society because you work for your nation and serve the society not for clients of other countries.

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